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A "Sunny Story" featured on AllEarth Renewables Website

Scott & Lisa Pickard, Temperance, MI, July 1, 2022

"We purchased our AllEarth Renewables Tracker from Stoneacre Energy Solutions in May 2022. Before purchasing our system, I called AllEarth and spoke with the owner who answered all my questions and concerns about the Tracker system itself. Keith, Devyn, Isaac, and Rachel were awesome people to work with at Stoneacre, they did not pressure us, and answered all our questions before we signed the contract to install our solar system. Devin was very good at explaining the pros and cons of the products that I did 2 years of research on to come up with the best system to meet our needs. Keith and Devin worked with our township to get this tracker put in since our building department had never seen or dealt with a tracker system. I really appreciated the small personal business atmosphere at SES. Our system has been working flawlessly since installation. I truly feel that if you have the space for an AllEarth Tracker it is the best, most efficient way to capture the benefits of solar energy. We look forward to many years of the benefits of our solar system and the relationship between us, AllEarth Renewables, and Stoneacre Energy Solutions."

Thank You Scott and Lisa for submitting this. We enjoyed working with you too!

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