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Important Information for Indiana Solar Customers

This article from is worth the read.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 26, 2022 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Laura Ann Arnold, (317) 635-1701 or (317) 502-5123 (cell), Indiana DG responds to IURC orders approving instantaneous netting for AES Indiana, Indiana Michigan Power customers Netting change runs counter to state law, will cost Hoosier solar customers thousands they never expected to pay INDIANAPOLIS—Laura Ann Arnold, president of the Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance (Indiana DG) today issued a statement in response to orders from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) approving instantaneous or no netting to replace monthly netting for AES Indiana and Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) customers. The state’s monopoly utilities are pushing the regulatory change from monthly netting, which credits Hoosiers at a fair rate, to instantaneous netting, which essentially negates the value of the power homeowners and small businesses send back to the grid. This change is not only unfair, but it runs counter to what lawmakers intended in 2017 when they wrote monthly netting into law. The change means homeowners, churches and small businesses that install solar panels could have to wait an additional decade or more to recoup their investment in energy freedom. "We now have two more examples of monopoly utilities running to unelected regulators to subvert what legislators intended when they wrote monthly netting into law in 2017. Utilities don't want hard-working Hoosiers to be able to access solar energy; they want to keep customers on the hook for their increased rates and fees. “If our state is serious about energy freedom, lawmakers still have a chance to make it clear that they support homeowners and small businesses that want to go solar. Instantaneous netting was never part of the deal, and changing the rules now will cost Hoosiers and our state." Republican lawmakers—State Sen. Liz Brown and State Rep. Alan Morrison—have proposed Senate Bill 248 and House Bill 1304, which would make it clear that solar customers are to be credited monthly. Both bills currently are awaiting a hearing by the Indiana General Assembly. The IURC order in the CenterPoint EDG case is awaiting a decision at the Indiana Court of Appeal and the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) has notified the Indiana Court of Appeal their intent to appeal the IURC order in the NIPSCO EDG case. Formed in 2012, the Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance promotes renewable energy and distributed generation across the state. Indiana DG works with businesses, individuals, elected officials, local units of government, colleges and universities, labor unions, economic development groups as well as environmental and consumer organizations.

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